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Catalogue of Resources


NPRUE "Belarusian State Institute for Standardization and Certification" – www.belgiss.by

RUE "Belarusian State Institute for Metrology" – www.belgim.by

Educational Establishment "Belarusian State Institute for qualification raising and staff retraining in the field of standardization, metrology and quality management"– www.bgipk.by

RUE "Baranovichi CSMC" – www.baranovichi-csms.of.by

RUE "Brest CSMC" – csm.brest.by

RUE "Bobruisk CSMC" – www.bobrcsms.by

RUE "Borisov CSMC" - www.borisovcsms.by

RUE "Vitebsk CSMC" — www.vcsms.by

RUE "Gomel CSMC" — gomelcsms.by

RUE "Grodno CSMC" — www.csms.grodno.by

RUE "Kalinkovichi CSMC" – www.kalinkovichi-csms.of.by

RUE "Lida CSMC" – www.csmslida.by

RUE "Mogilev CSMC" — www.mcsms.by

RUE "Molodechno CSMC" — www.mldcsms.by

RUE "Orsha CSMC" – www.orshacsms.by

RUE "Polotsk CSMC" – www.polcsms.vitebsk.by

RUE "Pinsk CSMC" – www.pinskcsms.by

RUE "Slutsk CSMC" – www.slutskcsms.by

RUE "Testing and Certification Center TOOT" – www.toot.by

Department of Energy Efficiency – energoeffekt.gov.by

National fund of TNLA – www.tnpa.by

Brest Regional Inspection – brestinsp.datacenter.by


State Bodies

House of Representatives – www.house.gov.by/

Council of the Republic – www.sovrep.gov.by

Supreme Court — www.supcourt.by/

Constitutional court – www.kc.gov.by

Supreme economic Court – www.court.by

General Prosecutors office – www.prokuratura.gov.by/

Council of Ministers – www.government.by

National Bank – www.nbrb.by

State Control Committee – www.kgk.gov.by

Central Commission for Elections and Nation-Wide Referendums – www.rec.gov.by

National Statistical Committee – www.belstat.gov.by

Ministry of Architecture and Construction – www.mas.by

Ministry of Internal Affairs – www.mvd.gov.by

Ministry of Housing and Communal Services – www.mjkx.gov.by

Ministry of Public Health – www.minzdrav.by

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – www.mfa.gov.by

Ministry of Information – www.mininform.gov.by

Ministry of Culture – www.kultura.by

Ministry of Forestry – www.mlh.by

Ministry of Defence – www.mod.mil.by

Ministry of Education – www.minedu.unibel.by

Ministry of Tax Collection – www.nalog.by

Ministry for Emergency Situations – www.rescue01.gov.by

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection – www.minpriroda.by

Ministry of Industry – www.minprom.gov.by

Ministry of Communications and Informatization – www.mpt.gov.by

Ministry of Agriculture and Food – www.mshp.minsk.by

Ministry of Sport and Tourism – www.mst.by

Ministry of Trade – www.mintorg.gov.by

Ministry of Transport and Communications – www.mintrans.by

Ministry of Labour and Social Protection – www.mintrud.gov.by

Ministry of Finance – www.minfin.gov.by

Ministry of Economy – www.economy.gov.by

Ministry of Energy – www.minenergo.gov.by

Ministry of Justice – www.minjust.gov.by

State Security Committee (SSC) – www.kgb.by

State Military-Industrial Committee – www.vpk.gov.by

State Committee on Property – www.gki.gov.by

State Committee for Science and Technologies – www.gknt.org.by

State Border Committee – www.gkpv.gov.by

State Customs Committee – gtk.gov.by

Belarusian State Food Industry Concern – www.bgp.by

Belarusian State Petroleum and Chemicals Concern – belneftekhim.by

Belarusian State Light Industry Goods Production and Sales Concern – bellegprom.by

Belarusian State Production and Sales Concern of Pharmaceutical and Microbiological Products – bbf.bn.by

Belarusian Production and Trade Concern of Forestry, Woodworking and Pulp-and-Paper Industry – bellesbumprom.by

Belarusian Republican Union of Consumer Cooperatives – bks.by


International and Regional Organizations

ISO - International Organization for Standardization
IEC/CEI - International Electrotechnical Commission
CEN - European Committee for Standardization
CENELEC - European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ITU - International Telecommunication Union -
OIML - International Organization of Legal Metrology
BIPM - Le bureau International des Poids et Mesures
WELMEC - Organization of European national legal metrology services
WMO - World Meteorological Organization
EUROMET - European Collaboration on Measurement Standards
EOQ - European Organization for Quality
UN/ECE - United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
EA - European Accreditation of Certification
ILAC - International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
APLMF - Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum
IFAN - International Federation of Standards Users
COPANT - Pan American Standards Commission
PASC - Pacific Area Standards Congress
ASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian Nations
APEC - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
WHO - World Health Organization
WTO - World Trade Organization
EASC - EuroAsia Council on Standardization, Metrology, and Certification
WSSN-World Standards Services Network


National Organizations for Standardization and Metrology

Armenia, Republic: The National Institute of Standards of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia (www.sarm.am)

Azerbaijan: The State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patents of Azerbaijan Republic (www.azstand.gov.az)

Instituto Argentino de Normalizacion (IRAM) – (www.iram.com.ar/)

National Institute of Standards (SARM) Ministry of Trade and Economic Development – (www.sarm.am/)

Institut Belge de Normalisation (IBN) – (www.ibn.be/)

Bulgarian Institute for Standardization (BDS) – (www.bds-bg.org/)

Associaсao Brasileira de Normas Tecnicas (ABNT) – (www.abnt.org.br/)

British Standards Institution (BSI) – (www.bsi-global.com/)

Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology - (www.gost.ru)

Fondo para la Normalizaciуn y Certificaciуn de la Calidad (FONDONORMA) - (www.fondonorma.org.ve/)

Directorate for Standards and Quality (TCVN) – (www.tcvn.gov.vn/)

Deutsches Institut fuer Normung (DIN) – (www.din.de/)

Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) – (www.elot.gr/)

Georgia: The National Agency on Standards, Technical Regulations and Metrology

Dansk Standards (DS) – (http://www.ds.dk/)

Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (EOS) – (www.eos.org.eg/)

Standards Institution of Israel (SII) – (http://www.sii.org.il/)

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) – (http://www.bis.org.in/)

Kazakhstan: The Committee for Technical Requlation and Metrology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan (www.memst.kz)

National Standardization Agency, Indonesia (BSN) – (http://www.bsn.or.id/)

Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation – (www.cosqc.gov.iq)

Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) – (http://www.isiri.org/)

Asociaciуn Espaсola de Normalizaciуn y Certificaciуn (AENOR) – (www.aenor.es)

Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione (UNI) – (http://www.uni.com/)

Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (KAZMEMST) – (http://www.memst.kz/)

Standards Council of Canada (SCC) – (http://www.scc.ca/)

The National Institute of Standards and Metrology (KYRGYZSTANDART) (www.nism.gov.kg/)

Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC) – (http://www.sac.gov.cn/)

Instituto Colombiano de Normas Tecnicas y Certificacion (ICONTEC) – (http://www.icontec.org.co/)

Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) — (www.kats.go.kr/)

Oficina Nacional de Normalizaciуn Ministerio de Ciencia, Technologia y Medio Ambiente (NC) – (www.nc.cubaindustria.cu/)

Public Authority for Industry Standards & Industrial Services Affairs (KOWSMD) – (www.pai.gov.kw/)

Latvian Standards (LVS) – (www.lvs.lv/)

Lithuanian Standards Board (LST) – (www.lsd.lt/)

Service of Standardization and Metrology – (www.standard.md/)

Tadjikistan: The Agency for Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Trade Inspection under the Government of the Republic of Tadjikistan

Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut (NEN) – (www.nen.nl/)

Standards Norway (SN) – (www.standard.no/)

Emirates Authority for Standardization (ESMA) – (www.uae.gov.ae/)

Directorate General for Specifications and Measurements Ministry of Commerce and Industry (DGSM) – (www.mocioman.gov.om/)

Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) – (www.pkn.pl)
Polish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – (www.pbihp.pl)

Asociatia de Standardizare din Romania (ASRO) – (www.asro.ro/)

Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) – (www.saso.org.sa/)

Institution for Standardization of Serbia and Montenegro (ISSM) – (www.jus.org.yu/)

Syrian Arab Organization for Standardization and Metrology (SASMO) – (www.sasmo.org/)

Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing – Slovak Standards Institute (SUTN) – (www.sutn.gov.sk/)

Slovenian Institute for Standardization (SIST) – (www.sist.si/)

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) – (www.ansi.org/) – National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – (www.nist.org/)

Agency of Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Trade Inspection –

Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) – (www.tisi.go.th/)

Major State Service “Turkmenstandartlary” – (Tniis@online.tm)

Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) – (www.tse.org.tr/)

Uzbekistan: The Uzbek Agency of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (UZSTANDARD) (www.standart.uz/)

State Committee of Ukraine on Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy (DSSU) – (www.dssu.gov.ua/)

Finnish Standards Association (SFS) – (www.sfs.fi/)

Association francaise de normalisation (AFNOR) – (www.afnor.fr/)

State office for Metrology – ( www.hzn.hr), Croatian Standards Institute (HZN) – (www.dznm.hr/)

Czech Office for Standаrds, Metrology and Testing (UNMZ) – (www.unmz.cz/)

Czech Standards Institute (CNI) - (www.cni.cz/)

Czech Society for Quality (CSJ) – (www.csq.cz/)

Czeh Accreditation’s Institute (CAI) – (www.cai.cz/)

Czeh Trade’s Inspection Institute (COI) – (www.coi.cz/)

Czeh Metrologies Institute (CMI) – (www.cmi.cz/)

Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) – (www.snv.ch/)

Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) – (www.sis.se/)

Eesti Standardikeskus (EVS) – (www.evs.ee/)

South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) – (www.sabs.co.za/)

Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) Technical Regulation, Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Unit Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (www.jisc.go.jp/)

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