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The system of technical regulation and standardization

The Law of the Republic of Belarus “On technical regulation and standardization” (hereinafter – the Law), as well as the documents of the System of technical regulation and standardization are based on the provisions of the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade and take into account the aspects of the systems of technical regulation and standardization of a number of CIS countries and the European Union as well.

In compliance with the new system of technical regulation and standardization the technical normative legal acts are:

  • technical regulations
  • technical codes of good practice
  • governmental standards of the Republic of Belarus
  • standards of organizations
  • specifications

Information on the technical regulation preparation

In the works on standardization in the Republic of Belarus the systems approach is used which is implemented on the basis of annual plans of state standardization covering all sectors of industry, agriculture and services.

The regulatory and technical framework which is in place in the Republic of Belarus covers almost all sectors of the economy and the social sector, including such upcoming sectors as energy efficiency and energy saving, e-commerce, information technology, construction, chemistry and petrochemistry, food production and services.

*One of the principles of technical regulation and standardization specified in the Law is a priority use of international and intergovernmental (regional) standards. This allows domestic manufacturers to expand their export potential; this also increases their opportunities when concluding contracts for the supply of products, simplifies foreign market access, optimizes costs and stimulates a manufacturing process as a whole. *

Today, the fund of governmental standards (STBs and GOSTs) contains more than 26 thousand documents. The level of harmonization of the governmental standards adopted in Belarus with the international ones reaches 60 %.

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